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Walking through the pine forests near Debki

Walking by the sea is a revelation

When the sea is only beginning to spring we recommend, very long walks by the sea in the coastal area. It is worth taking children and depending on the length of stay to be every day a few kilometers walk on the seafront. Many seaside destinations have many walking and biking trails.

Walking in such a climate has a very good effect on our body, and this activity allows you to restore your body balance and keep it for a long time after returning to your home. Strolling along the nearby woods are places with fewer trees through which you can see our beautiful Baltic Sea. Feel the fresh air that is beneficial to our lungs and wellbeing

Kuznice in Poland

Polish seaside organized every year even though the variable is from 5 to 8 coastal waters during the summer . And these are swimming + beach Forge – entrance to the beach from the street. Hel , including 110m of coastline , swimming pool + beach Jastarnia – entrance to the beach from the street. Garden , including 90m shore , swimming pool + beach Jastarnia – entrance to the beach from the street. Forest , including the 123m line the shore; swimming pool + beach Jastarnia, entrance to the beach from the street. Sychty and from the street. Zdrojowej , they include 278m of coastline. The beaches are clean , wide with small grains of sand , ideal for children’s play .

Previously she Kuznica probably September Jastra name from the word that means something like ‘ clear ‘ or Kashubian meaning Easter. Historically, the same function name Kashubian Pučko Jastarniô or magpie Gniôzdo or in German Heisternest . After the Polish names used Jasturnia Puck, Zesterna and Niastarnia . This beautiful region on holiday, and many opportunities to find accommodation in Jastarni umożliwja rest in Idel selected location according to your needs. Smithy has a good and cheap rooms overlooking the sea or bay. Close to Jurata and Jastarni , which also tempt its attractions.